the Federation

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The Police Federation is a statutory body which exists to represent the interests of all members of the Police Service from Constable to Chief Inspector. All Constables become members on the day they are appointed and remain members until promoted to the rank of Superintendent or leave the service.


What does the Federation do?

The Federation is responsible for all negotiations on pay and conditions of service. The latter includes pensions, hours of duty, rest days, annual leave, overtime and allowances - in fact, all matters affecting the lives of police officers. The Federation interests itself in anything concerning the efficiency of the Service and the welfare of its members.

How is it organised?

For each borough or OCU (Operational Command Unit) the Constables elect workplace representatives. These in turn elect one representative to represent the borough or OCU on the Constables' Branch Board at force level. Sergeants and Inspectors elect one individual to represent their respective borough/OCU on their rank-specific Branch Board.

The three Branch Boards elect Executive Committees. The three Executives form the Joint Executive Committee (JEC) which acts as the Metropolitan Police Federation.

What does it cost?

The Voluntary Subscription to the Police Federation is deducted from pay per calendar month. All expenditure is in accordance with fund rules, which have statutory basis. As well as financing the running of the National Headquarters at Leatherhead and the Metropolitan Office at Bromley, the Voluntary Fund pays for the administration of all various negotiating bodies, along with the provision of magazines, handbooks and numerous other publications.

Legal and political campaigns involving matters of general principle affecting all members - in particular, cases involving pay, pensions and other important conditions of service - are also legitimate expenses of the Police Federation.

What are the benefits?

Subscribing members are entitled to numerous benefits including:

  • Legal assistance in obtaining compensation for injuries sustained on or off duty
  • Legal assistance for members charged with an offence arising from driving on duty
  • Legal assistance for members facing criminal proceedings for any offence alleged in the performance of their duties
  • Legal advice and representation in appropriate discipline matters
  • Assistance with medical, pension or DSS Appeals
  • Death benefit
  • Substantial assistance with funeral expenses
  • Administration and assistance with Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority